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How did bitskit come about?

How frustrating is it when you are trying to explain something to a child, or trying to find the right bit of kit to bring their learning to life and what you have got to hand just doesn’t work? - The sticks don’t fit together - the string keeps slipping, the concept is too abstract or too complex.

How frustrating is it when a young child is showing you that they are ready for the next steps in their learning and you haven’t got the practical props to make the meaning make sense, most often to make the maths make sense?

How frustrating is it when you or a colleague doesn’t have the language at their fingertips to teach a concept accurately, right from an early age.?

These are the situations we find ourselves in when helping children to build the beginnings of their future learning - or helping less experienced colleagues or parents to teach new concepts practically and effectively.

It was frustrating and often opportunities were missed- but not for long. Slowly, steadily over several years the concept of BitsKit was born.

Bits of Kit you never knew you needed.

Bits of Kit that build the beginnings for future learning

Bits of Kit invented by experienced experts in education.

Bits of Kit with the depth and detail helping you to make the difference for every child

Bits of Kit that work for children at all stages of their learning, helping those who are ready to take their learning further
to explore more challenging concepts in ways that simply make maths make sense

Bits of Kit which are often hand-crafted, sustainably sourced and will help us do our bit to protect the planet whilst provoking
and promoting the most inspiring learning - learning that lasts

Bits of Kit that will be used over and over again, that will last, that will never lurk in the dark corners of your cupboard but will be out
and available for the children and the adults to turn to - again and again.

So these Bits of Kit may seem simple - but ask us about them, there are subtleties that make them work better than so many bits of kit in your cupboard.

They are based on first-hand experience and evidence-based learning.

They are unique and inspiring. 

It’s the depth that makes the difference.

Original concept developed by our Founding Director - Ali McClure

Ali has a wealth of personal and professional experience of supporting schools, settings and families. Her distinctive style and unforgettable training empower you to bring out the best in every child.

She specialises in Early Years and in Primary with a passion for bringing out the best in every child, including those with additional needs. With a focus on empowering educators to empower children, whether through Supporting Self-Regulation, Limitless Learning or The Early Years’ Exploration Station-Curating Continuous Provision and the Classroom, Ali’s work is current and cutting edge. Her first book ‘Making it Better for Boys’ has changed the chances for many children. Her Building Brilliant Behaviour Masterclass is reaching a global audience, and her latest book ‘FingerTips - Five Fingers, Five Questions, the Tools to Talk about Learning - with a Depth that Makes the Difference’ has gained World Forum recognition and is due to be published in 2024.

Ali’s valued work in teacher training, as a SENCo and supporting schools and settings means she is regularly at the chalk face; she knows the challenges you are facing and how to help you overcome them. With her FingerTips - Raising Reflective Learners work recently recognised by the Centre for International Research in Learning at Eton College, Ali has spoken for Ofsted, Early Years Alliance and I.A.P.S. to name but a few. Her success in raising standards and helping those children who have struggled to break through barriers to learning makes her work realistic and relevant, helping you to balance the demands of the curriculum and the needs of each unique learner whilst still cherishing childhood and emotional wellbeing

In her spare time Ali loves walking her dogs, writing , cooking for friends and family, and singing in pantomime, but not all at once!

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