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It Simply Makes Telling the Time Make Sense!

Provenance and Planet Friendly
Hand crafted from of laminated birch plywood, fully FSC certificated from various sustainable sources. and coated in clear water-based lacquer. Manufactured in the UK

What is it?

 A simple, wooden clock with ‘hands’ which move independently. It has indented markings to support sensory learners, those with visual impairment or additional needs. It feels fab, works inside and out* and simply makes telling the time make sense!
*Damp not dripping please!

What it does
Builds the beginnings for future learning including

  • telling the time
  • counting in 5s
  • past and to
  • quarters and halves
  • hours and minutes
  • 12-hour clock
  • 24-hour clock
  • analogue and digital
    - in the simplest way

Scaffolds the learning for those needing a little extra support.

Supports those who are ‘Building their Beginnings’

Helps those who are ‘Consolidating their Connections’

Extends those who are ‘Taking their Learning Further’

Makes telling the time make sense and so much simpler for those who have always struggled with telling the time- whatever their age!

Makes learning telling the time practical and sensory for every learner (including interventions) and for those with particular or additional needs including visual impairment.

Simply makes telling the time make sense

Who is it for?
  • Key Stage One and Key Stage Two
  • Prep and Pre-prep
  • Early Years Settings
  • Learning at home
  • Intervention groups
  • One to one tutoring
  • Learners with additional needs
  • Learners with visual impairment
  • SEND Support- especially Dyscalculia.
  • Special/ Specialist Schools/Hospital Schools
  • Anyone of any age who has struggled with telling the time
Why it works so well…
  • It builds the beginnings for future learning.
  • It teaches the skills for telling the time in bite-sized pieces.
  • It begins with what the children know-it is based on a hand with five fingers
  • It teaches the concepts of five, quarter, half, past and to in distinct, practical, visual, fun and simply unforgettable ways
  • The circumference is 60cm making it possible to reinforce that there are 60 minutes in an hour both visually and practically (using a Cubed Bead String
  • The concepts which lead to telling the time can be taught as soon as the children are ready
  • Each concept can be embedded before the next is introduced.
  • It removes the confusion caused by conventional numbering- why does ‘20 to’ have the number 8?
  • It removes the confusion and shows the connection between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock
  • It can be taught and revisited over as many sessions as are needed and still be fun for the child and the teacher
    - It simply makes sense of telling the time!
What works well with it?
Suggested progression of learning and taking their learning further - available at: 
  • Making Telling the Time Make Sense eBook,
  • Making Maths Make Sense eBook and Training
Questions to ask the children
On the HANDY CLOCK, pink is for minutes past, turquoise is for minutes to

  • How many hands (gloves) has the hour stick gone past?
  • How many fingers has the minute stick gone past?
  • How many fingers to the top of the clock? (minutes)
  • How many whole hands has the hour stick gone past? (Hours are always past- even when the time is ‘to’. )
Places you could put it- Curating the Continuous Provision and the Curriculum
  • Have a HANDY CLOCK - TEACHER'S VERSION on your wall, under cover outside - and one where parents can see it and get curious. (Sell them at Christmas to your families- ask us about buying in larger numbers!)
  • Have CHILDREN'S VERSIONS in any area where a clock would usually be - the home corner, the role play area the snack shop, and be sure to have a supply of them on an accessible shelf so children can go to get them when they need them. (It’s OK- they do have spare hour and minute sticks)
Before you Begin... Beware!
Risk assessment and common misconceptions
  • Not suitable for children under 3
  • There are a few small parts - do not leave children unattended.
  • Don’t leave out in the rain
  • Don’t trust it to get you to work on time!

All BitsKit ‘Bits of Kit’ are designed by education experts with the depth and detail helping you to make the difference.

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