Bitskit Product Info - Groovy Broomstix

Making maths make sense and so much more…

Provenance and Planet Friendly
Hand crafted from sustainably sourced redwood and manufactured in the UK

What are they?
  • A seemingly simple set of wooden sticks which interconnect, inspire and inform learning inside and out*
  • Sustainably sourced and finely crafted so your sticks will always fit.
  • Portable, versatile and simply indispensable
    *Damp not dripping please!
What they do
  • Groovy Broomstix make maths make sense
  • Groovy Broomstix build the beginnings for future learning
  • Groovy Broomstix scaffold the learning for those needing a little extra support
  • Groovy Broomstix provoke investigation and promote the language of learning - for the children, their practitioners and their parents.
  • Groovy Broomstix are open ended with limited learning- including for those who are ready to take their learning further
Who are they for?
  • Early Years Settings
  • Practical primary learning
  • Learning at home
  • Intervention groups
  • One to one tutoring
  • Out of school settings
  • Learners with additional needs
  • Learners with visual impairment
  • SEND Support
  • Special/ Specialist Schools
  • Hospital Schools
  • Gross motor learning inside and out
The clever bit - depth is in the detail...
  • Interlocking grooves to make various grids, graphs, games…
  • Tactile indented markers at 50cm and 1 m - to gently, tangibly and subtly build the beginnings of standard measure – also supports those with visual impairment to begin measuring
  • Thread hole in the top - to allow string or lace for washing line
  • Hand crafted and consistent - so how ever many you buy they will always be well-connected (it is always good to be well-connected!)
  • Damp (but not dripping) resistant - so they can be used outside or out and about
What works well with them?
  • Two sets of gloves - symmetry, pattern, beginnings of telling the time
  • Rounders Bases - make a sound base for a washing line
  • String or shoelace - to make washing line or a curve to make letter shapes
The language of learning
  • Throw
  • Roll
  • Distance
  • Further than
  • Longer than
  • Shorter than
  • Taller than
  • Wider than
  • How many?
  • How many more?
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Perpendicular
  • Parallel
  • Right angle
  • Pattern
Before you Begin... Beware!
How to use your Stix safely
  • Use with adults supervision
  • Hold with two hands
  • Hold it ‘below your belly button’
  • When interlocking always check they have clicked together
  • Don’t leave them out in the rain
  • Jump over them, jump around them but please don’t jump on them!
  • Don’t let your puppy play with them!
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