Bitskit Product Info - Empty Oval

Making maths make sense and so much more…

Provenance and Planet Friendly
Made of Valchromat: A recycled particle board manufactured in the UK

What is it?

A simple, empty, black wooden oval that feels fab, works inside and out* and makes maths make sense.
*Damp not dripping please!

What it does
  • Builds the beginnings for future learning
  • Scaffolds the learning for those needing a little extra support
  • Practical and sensory for every learner (including interventions) and for those with particular or additional needs
Who is it for?
  • Early Years Settings
  • Practical primary learning
  • Learning at home
  • Intervention groups
  • One to one tutoring
  • Learners with additional needs
  • Learners with visual impairment
  • SEND Support- especially Dyscalculia
  • Special/ Specialist Schools
  • Hospital Schools
Why it works so well…
  • Encourages and embeds counting skills - wherever the children are
  • Makes learning practical, visual and sensory
  • Teaches the concept of zero- without them even noticing
  • Makes a space specifically for subitising (up to 9)
  • Visually and practically helps teach ‘part – part -whole’ (with lolly sticks)
  • Builds the beginnings for base 10 learning

… and so much more

What works well with it?
  • Lolly sticks - makes part- part whole practical, visual and fun (use the oval sideways for the whole or if the number is greater than 9!)
  • Lolly sticks- makes greater than, less than and equals make sense
  • Two colours of 1cm cubes -makes adding in base 10 make sense
  • Things less than 10cm -building the beginnings of standard measure
  • Oranges, eggs and rugby balls- clarifies the concept of oval, circle, sphere, ovoid, 0 and o (You can print circles with skin of half an orange and ovals by pinching the orange skin as you print)
  • Extra empty ovals- introduces addition and beginnings of base 10 learning
  • Dienes- (they fit perfectly) Makes column addition makes sense
  • Organic art materials - endless opportunities
The language of learning
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Take away
  • Zero
Hints, Tips and Instructions for use
  • Be sure to use the word oval rather than circle
  • Position the oval in the portrait orientation if using it as a counting frame
  • Reinforce the word zero and have the child trace the zero anticlockwise with their finger as they say it.
  • Always count the same items in the Empty Oval - acorns, cubes, grapes, gems, pebbles etc.
  • Count things which are units of one (until they are ready for counting in tens and ones)
  • Beware of counting money in the Empty Ovals (too many confusions - and too expensive!)
Before you Begin... Beware!
Risk assessment and common misconceptions
  • Check that the children cannot put it over their heads
  • Don’t leave it out in the rain
  • Don’t let your puppy play with it!
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