Bits of Kit that simply make learning make sense

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Cleverly sourced resources that won’t cost you the earth and will change the world of learning

The key items for your continuous provision, language development and early maths
BitsKit will save you time and give you inspiration bringing the fun back into teaching and learning.
Multi-purpose, simple and creative resources which encourage Limitless Learning.
Seemingly simple resources…with a depth that makes the difference

BitsKit is an essential part of your everyday educational toolkit. The products are versatile, indispensable and sustainable, and each bit of kit comes with a handy guide for inspiration and some suggested learning opportunities - although the possibilities are endless!

BitsKit’s invaluable tools are suitable for use in early years settings or the home, and for children with additional needs.

Created by Ali McClure based on her highly respected years of teaching and consultancy - supporting thousands of schools and settings just like yours - people who are passionate about how children learn and what we can do to best support, inspire and empower them.

Bitskit cleverly chosen resources are either Brilliant Basics, Simple to source upcycled items or Unique versatile resources which will change the world of learning

Bitskit enables children to learn effectively right from the start, overcoming common misconceptions and solving future problems before they emerge.

Bitskit makes it easier for practitioners in Early Years and Primary (with a focus on special needs) to understand how children really learn and be empowered and inspired to put these skills into everyday practice

Bitskit means that every item bought is used over and again in a multitude of ways creating endless opportunities for children to learn flexibly and effectively.

Bitskit means that children learn more quickly and effectively through practical and fun activities which ‘make learning stick’. Ali has an eye for the right resource for the the right job whether it is designed from scratch , it is a brilliant basic or an upcycled easy to access resource.

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